Know Where Your State Legislators Stand On Climate


Do you believe that climate change is not receiving the attention it deserves? Imagine having easily accessible, comprehensive info on what California Senators and Assemblymembers think, say, and do about climate change.

John Oliver agrees! You need to know what your state Representative thinks about climate change (See 17:50):


What does your California state legislator say and do about climate and clean energy? The launch of the wiki is putting the answers in one place, with every CA legislators’ votes, tweets and public statements.  Interested crowdsourcers/researchers are collecting relevant statements of Senate and Assembly members in one convenient nonpartisan, objective reference guide. is the second wiki from the team that in 2016 created the ClimateCongress wiki, which Bill McKibben called “A useful resource.” It’s a tool for citizens, climate organizations, media, policy analysts, and other stakeholders.

With much progress on climate moving from federal to state levels, the initiatives of California, a longtime policy leader, are in the spotlight. This wiki identifies key bills and offers frequent updates as legislation moves through committees. As we work to complete legislators’ profiles, we’re recruiting, training, and supporting volunteers who add crowdsourced information to votes and Tweets we harvest from public sources.

ClimateCalifornia is working with partners among organizations and coalitions focusing on climate, environmental justice, jobs, and health. The wiki is at Project and volunteer pages are at You can follow us on Twitter at #ClimateCalifornia.

We've created a platform for California climate voters

The CaliforniaClimate wiki is coalition effort (initiated by the ClimateCongress Wikipedia Project team) to provide concise accurate information to a crowdsourced, community-moderated online encyclopedia, on the climate positions and actions of each California state legislator.

For people who want to know if their legislators are taking a strong stand to address climate change, or not, the ClimateCalifornia wiki is a great place to find out and contribute more research.

Bradley Angel, Executive Director
Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice

Volunteer! Help research your state legislators' position on climate  and raise public awareness about climate change.

Here's a sample article, as of March 2017:


Citizens and voters will gain a tool to enable a greater focus on climate change in elections and in the actions of California state legislators.

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Note: This is a project of the California Climate Breakthrough Initiative (CCBI), a 501(c)3 project of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group Foundation, focusing on sharing objective information, made available to all. We intend for all information to be substantive, factual, objective, and fully sourced.

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