Why This Project


Climate change is one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced. Not many years from now, the most important thing about this moment in history will be whether or not we did something meaningful to confront climate change. The reason is simple: We are drastically altering the very life support system upon which we depend. We have only a very narrow window of opportunity to avert catastrophe. To ensure a healthy climate and protect all we care about, elected leaders need to respond to the climate change challenge with an appropriate sense of urgency.

Right now, the general assumption is that climate change positions won’t influence elections. In part that is because people don’t know what their elected officials say and do about climate change.

We're providing Californian citizens with the information they need to ask candidates what they will do about climate change.

Our Three Questions for Candidates and Incumbents

We're inviting you to contribute to and distribute information about elected officials. Our profiles of candidates and incumbents address three main questions:

  • What are the individual’s views on whether climate change is real and caused by human activity?
  • What votes, actions, and governmental/organizational activities on climate change and clean energy has the individual led/supported/opposed?
  • What has the individual said about local and regional climate-related impacts and activities?

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